Why Soft Water ?

What is soft water?

According to the US Geological Survey, 85% of the United States has what’s called “hard water”, this means the water has an excessive amount of the hard minerals calcium and magnesium, most excessive in well water.



When calcium is heated, it can create calcium deposits causing havoc in appliances. These minerals are not harmful to drink, however they can cause all kinds of problems with your skin, hair, household appliances, pipes, clothes, and not to mention scum all over everything.

The Hydrotech™ salt water system removes these pesky hard minerals including all other unwanted pest such as bacteria and heavy iron.

You may have heard about “Salt-free” water softeners, but in reality they don’t exist. True soft water is defined as less than one grain per gallon (gpg) of minerals in your water. The so called “salt-free” softeners cannot do this.

 1. Soft Skin

Unlike hard water that ages and dries out your skin, soft water leaves your skin supple and smooth.


2. Smooth & Silky Hair

Hard water, dray and frizzy hair. Soft Water, smooth and silky hair.

3. No More Scum

Hard water minerals leaves behind a mucky substance called scale or soap scum. Soft water

4. Odor-Free Great Tasting Water

Pure Water Solutions water softening systems completely take out any odor or bad taste leaving you with pure, refreshing H2O.


5. Clean, Shiny, Spot-free Dishes

  • Hard water : spots and steaks on dishes.
  • Soft Water: spotless and sparkling

6. Softer & Longer-lasting Clothes

Laundering with hard water:

colors fade and stains stay,

accelerated deterioration,

when left damp creates an objectionable odor

Laundering with soft water:

clothes last longer,

smell better,

and keep their original color.

Soft water will make your clothes last longer, smell better, and keep their original color. Hard Water will inevitably cause clothes to develop an objectionable odor when left damp in the washing machine.

7. Home Appliances last longer

Soft water will add years to the lifetime of your water-using appliances and make them work more efficiently.

Hard mineral scale will build up and wear off faucet finishes, break down water heaters, and you shower head can lose up to 75% of their maximum flow rate in 18 months.


8. You will save a lot of money

Soft water will save you up to 70% on soap cost, 30% lower water heating cost, and keep your pipes, sinks, and appliances looking new and free of costly repairs. (Water Quality Research Foundation Studies, Battelle Institute Study).


9. Scale Free Pipes

Soft water will keep your home pipe system free of muck and scum build up.

10. Helps the Environment

Soft water will not only improve your life but all life on the planet! When coexisting with hard water, we will use more soap, more packaging, require more transportation, necessitate more repair/service intervention and generally impose a significantly larger carbon footprint than necessary.