Reap the Benefits of Water Filtration

We offer water purifiers and water filtration systems in Auburn, Kent & Renton, WA

Most people used to think city water was safe. After all, it's treated according to government standards before it reaches your home. But in the last several years, we've seen more and more stories about heavy metals and high levels of chlorine in city water.

Pure Water Solutions is a local small business dedicated to providing effective water filtration systems to residents of Auburn, Renton, & Kent, WA and the surrounding area. Our goal is simple: To make our community's water safe.

To find out what's in your water, visit our Helpful Resources page now.

How does water filtration work?

You may have heard that boiling water makes it safe. While boiling water kills bacteria, it can concentrate heavy metals, making them more dangerous. Many people also believe they can shower safely in untreated water. In fact, vaporizing dangerous chemicals can be more harmful than drinking them.

Pure Water Solutions' water filtration system uses the carbon material AquaSorb to remove sediments and chemicals. This makes your water safe for drinking, washing and cooking.

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The Purification System

The Purification System

Learn about The Home Water Plant water filtration system.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Discover the true importance of water purification.

Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

Find out what's in your home's drinking water.

3 benefits of water filtration

After 10 years in the water treatment industry, we know what type of water purifier residents of Western Washington need. Our water filtration system works with well and city water. The benefits of water filtration include:

Better health:

Keep toxins out of your body.

Better plumbing:

Prevent damage caused by hard water.

Better environment:

Our eco-friendly filter is reusable and recyclable.

The planet isn't making more water. What we have now is all we're going to get. So, we need to be good stewards and take care of the water we have.

Learn more about the benefits of water filtration by calling our Auburn, WA location now. We proudly serve the Puget Sound region!

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