About Us

Pure Water Solutions was founded as a family-run business by Bill Schultze over 25 years ago. Bill gained a solid level of trust in the local community as the go-to supplier/installer of home water softener systems. Known for superior quality, excellent service, and honest pricing, he has earned the well-deserved nickname: “The Water Doctor”.

Pure Water Solutions has grown into one of the top leaders in the Southern Indiana and Kentucky market, which is reflected in several glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

We guarantee that we will find the best solution for providing your home with pure soft water for the best price. Given our well tuned family operation and decades of experience, we are able to be exceptionally competitive in our pricing.

 With Pure Water Solutions, you’re in good hands. We love hearing back from satisfied customers a year down the road that are so happy with how soft water has improved their lives in the most basic ways. From soft-skin and silky hair to super clean spot-free dishes and appliances.


Pure Water Solutions is certified by the Water Quality Association.