If you've reached this page, it's because you understand the importance of water purification. The Auburn, Renton, & Kent, Washington area has seen its fair share of tap and well water contamination over the years. Our job is to help you protect your family from unsafe water.

The Home Water Plant from Pure Water Solutions removes heavy metals and chemicals. Get the best water purifier for your family by calling 206-850-7595 today.

Learn about the importance of water purification

The human body is mostly water. We need it to live, and we need clean water to thrive. That's why we can't overstate the importance of water purification. Many Americans ingest dangerous bacteria and chemicals by:

  • Drinking: Drinking untreated tap water can send toxins directly into your body.
  • Showering: Breathing steam from unclean water can expose you to vaporized chlorine and other chemicals.
  • Preparing food: Cooking with contaminated water can put chemicals and heavy metals into your food.


To keep your family safe, you don't need just any water purifier. You need the best water purifier available. Call our Auburn, WA location now to schedule an installation appointment for The Home Water Plant. We proudly serve the Puget Sound region!